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"this mummy's tale"
illustrated poem and colouring book

'This Mummy's Tale', an ode to all working mothers that have inspired me over the years, balancing careers and motherhood (with #mummyfails in-between!) to the choirs of 'Mummy, why do you have to go to work?'.
Perfect for girls and boys, through beautiful illustrations, it shows that motherhood and career can happily co-exist, and that there is always time for fun!
WoMo Network
WoMo Network@womonetwork
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"Totally excited to have received this brilliant gift from Diana. A book to share with your kids that talks about the reasons why Mummy goes to work. Delivered with the perfect colouring pencils as the book is interactive, and is a joy to share. Well done @diana_paquot_arakelyan I love it! The perfect WoMo book 😀 Keep an eye on the blog section of the website as Diana will be featured in Meet the WoMos soon. Can’t wait!"
Children's Book Club
Children's Book Club@childrens.bookclub
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@thismummystale by Diana Paquot - Arakelyan and illustrated by Claire Adele is a wonderfully empowering book that mothers and their children can share and enjoy alike. Shortlisted in the Junior Design Awards for the best book for children 5+ the story talks of all the things that makes a working mummy amazing. It helps children to understand that mummy works hard to provide them with memories, experiences and treats and showcases in a simple way how motherhood and career can be balanced and fun. What makes this book even better is that it’s actually a well designed colouring book as well that both mum and children can colour in whilst reading it together.
Rosie's Library
Rosie's Library@rosies_library
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"✨Gifted✨ I’ve never seen a book like this before, so when @diana_paquot_arakelyan asked me if I would like to review it I just had to say yes! Not only it is a great story book, it’s also a colouring book! The story is about a family with a working mum. It explains the pressure Mum has trying to be good at her job but also wanting to spend all of her time with her children. They make the most of all of their time together, especially the weekends when they get to play games together, read and bake. It explains to your little ones that because Mummy has to go to work, even though they might miss her, it means they can afford to go on lovely holidays, do lots of fun things, and get treats. It really emphasises the importance of working to children, and how we should all make the most of every minute we have as a family. I can’t wait for Rosie to be a little older so we can colour it all in together."
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"We love this sweet poem by full-time working mama Diana! Yes we can have a demanding job, and enjoy it, and be a kick-ass mama too! ✨"
Marketing Manager Financial Services
I love this book and with two girls of my own, I can relate to it so much! 🙂
Business Unit AnalystFinancial Services
Love this, looks beautiful and will be a must in our household with the girls!

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